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Hi! Thank you for visiting Wild Spot Studio. I’m Sally, owner, designer, picker and packer and all things in between at Wild Spot Studio.


Wild Spot started as a side project in 2020 from a desire to create beautiful, luxury paper goods, traditionally created by hand with paint and ink. I love nothing more than picking cards for friends and family, but I couldn’t find simple and stylish hand created designs, so ever liking a challenge, I set off to create Wild Spot Studio focusing on greeting cards and prints. Designs are influenced by nature, with floral and botanical elements leading the way, mostly with monochrome pen and ink work, with some pops of colour here and there. 


All designs are hand drawn or painted and all printing and packing is done from our home studio based in the Cotswolds.

Fast forward to 2022, and with two new additions to the team in the form of some beautiful twin babies, I am more determined than ever to grow Wild Spot alongside looking after our miracle girls.

We have some exciting projects in the pipeline so make sure to keep checking in and sign up to our mailing list for updates and offers.

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Our studio in the Cotswolds is where our designs are created, our orders are packed and many hours are spent on all the more mundane aspects of running a business.



It’s a small but great space with natural light, although sometimes (often) it spills out into our kitchen and dining room!


From the start, we have wanted to do good with the business , so each year we will make a donation to our chosen charity. To find which one we are currently supporting please drop us a line and check out our Instagram for updates 




Wild Spot Studio has a real passion for our natural world. The Wild Spot family spend a lot of time out in the wilds with Lola our cocker spaniel soaking up the beautiful British countryside. For this reason, we want to produce our products in the most eco-friendly way possible. Our goods are produced to last on premium FSC Certified paper with carefully selected packaging that is plastic free and kind to the planet. Have a look on our Instagram page to see more details on our materials.

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